February 8, 2021 12:00 am

Goal Distance
Half or Full Marathon

10km Run

13 weeks


About the Clinic

This online virtual clinic will connect you with a community of runners who are motivated to continue training through the winter months to build towards the BMO Vancouver Marathon and Half Marathon on May 2nd. Coach Jerry will set up marathon and half marathon routes over which you can test your fitness and will be out there in person on race morning to see you off, whether you’re running solo or with a small group of friends who are in your bubble. Results will then be posted on the Forerunners website, Facebook page, and in the weekly information email. 
This clinic will include a balanced training program with 4 recommended runs per week. It will be split into three 4 week phases and at the end of the first two 4 week phases, there will be a scheduled 10 km and 15 km solo time trial to test your fitness and provide feedback on your progress. 
To keep you connected to the group and your coach, we will have a weekly Zoom meeting to discuss various running related topics, demonstrate exercises, and have invited guest speakers. You will also have access to Coach Jerry through email, you will be able to follow and encourage your fellow clinic participants on Strava, and photos can be shared through the weekly clinic emails. As part of your registration, you will also receive in-store discounts as well as a clinic souvenir. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


What Can I Do To Prepare?

By the start of the clinic you should be able to run 3 to 4 times per week and you should be prepared to run 10 km easy for your first long run if you’re training for the half marathon and 21 km if you’re training for the full marathon. Make sure you’re in the correct footwear for your particular biomechanics (and that they still have life in them) and your apparel is adequate for enjoying the full range of our Vancouver winter and spring weather conditions.

What Should I Expect?

Expect to have a unique online training experience to help stay motivated and to nurture a feeling of community during these isolating times.

Meet the Instructor

Jerry Ziak

Jerry Ziak has been a competitive middle and long-distance runner since 1986. His passion for the sport began at the young age of 10 when he began competing on the track and over cross country in distances ranging from 800 meters to 5 km. Since then he has explored every distance up to the marathon at the national and international level and continues to compete as a masters (over 40) runner in cross country and on the road. He is an owner of Forerunners North Shore and enjoys coaching runners of all abilities. His particular passion is the discovery and practice of training techniques and daily behaviours that allow us to continue moving youthfully as we age.

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