November 15, 2021 6:15 am

Goal Distance

10km Run

27 weeks


About the Clinic

*Weekly drop ins are available for $10 per session*

Join us on Monday mornings at 6:15 am for some tempo runs.  Location: Burrard Bridge next to Aquatic Center

Whether you are train for your next race, looking to improve your fitness, or just looking for a reason to keep running, if you are a 55 min 10 km runner, or faster, we have a group for you.

Monday mornings at 6:15 am for 20 weeks, Coach Carey Nelson will lead the group through event specific planned workouts. Workouts consist of a 20 min warm up jog, 10 min of stretching, tempo workout, 10 min of running technical drills, and a 20 min warm down jog. The tempo workouts are run at full marathon, half marathon, and 15 km race paces.

You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, learn about different training elements, work together in collective group, and take a home a few fun stories. Our clinic will make you sweat, make you laugh, and make you feel accomplished. At the end of the day you will be glad you came and ran with us.

Forerunners welcomes you to join the crew and become part of something more as you will learn about the sport and make lasting memories.

Entry to clinic includes: weekly training runs and weekly newsletter.


What Can I Do To Prepare?

To ensure that you get the most out of your experience in the clinic, come with a positive frame of mind and an eagerness to learn about the many benefits of running. Also, coming willing to share your own goals, stories, and knowledge, as each member will enhance the overall clinic’s experience.  We encourage you to wear reflective clothing and/or running lights.  Eating a gel before the workout for fuel is a good idea also.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect to have a great run, and have a great time. We will guide you over 20 weeks to make you a stronger, better runner. A program for a half or full marathon will be provided as well as a weekly newsletter.

Meet the Instructor

Carey Nelson

Current head coach of Forerunners Main Street running clinics. Enjoys helping runners of all levels reach their goal whether first marathon or achieving a personal best. Coach of more than 1000 runners for half and full marathons through Forerunners running clinics. Coach of more than 100 Boston Marathon qualifiers through Forerunners running clinics. A 2:12 Marathoner and competitor in the 1996 Olympic Marathon. Best time in the half marathon 1:03 and 10,000m 28:04.

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