November 18, 2023 8:00 am

Goal Distance
Half Marathon

10km Run

12 weeks


About the Clinic

Fall is a great time to think ahead and plan for some great runs in the Spring of 2024.   Do yourself a favor and join the Forerunners West 4th Ave Half Marathon Clinic. This clinic will keep you motivated and training consistently. A friendly environment with 3-4 pace groups will mean you will have great company and appropriately challenging runs. Come out and meet new people, enjoy the benefits of a structured training group, and prepare yourself for the next challenge. Sign up today and join the Forerunners crew.

Each Saturday morning at 8 am, there will be a defined long run. These long runs will start out at 10 km and gradually build up to 19 km in the lead-up to the 2024 First Half ½ Marathon. For each session, we will provide a course map and targeted pace groups. Each group will have a trusty leader to guide you through the run and provide enjoyable company. Along the route, there will be an aid station, where we will be handing out drinks and providing knowledge. Finish back at the store with the satisfaction of accomplishing something positive before you embark on the rest of your weekend.

Registration Fee Includes:

A 2024 First Half 1/2 Marathon training schedule, weekly emails, clinic discount on footwear and apparel, a clinic souvenir, the Saturday morning long training runs (8 am) & Wednesday night structured workouts (6:30 pm)

Training locations:

Saturday morning:  Forerunners West 4th Avenue (3502 West 4th Avenue)

Wednesday evening: Forerunners West 4th Avenue (3502 West 4th Avenue)


What Can I Do To Prepare?

All participants should be able to run a 10 km run in 65 min or less.

To ensure that you get the most out of your experience in the clinic, come with a positive frame of mind and an eagerness to learn about the many benefits of running. Also, coming willing to share your own goals, stories, and knowledge, as each member will enhance the overall clinic’s experience. We encourage you to wear reflective clothing and/or running lights. Eating a carbohydrate gel before the workout for fuel is a good idea also.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect a welcoming and fun atmosphere as we journey to a new you.

Meet the Instructor

Karen Butler

Karen is an accomplished runner and a born-and-raised Vancouverite (which means she obviously doesn't think twice about running in the rain). She used to run for Simon Fraser University, and holds a 3 hour marathon time. Still an avid runner today, Karen keeps her passion for the sport alive. She is a cornerstone of the Forerunners community.

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