Running Clinics April SPRING 2017 Wednesday Night Clinic

SPRING 2017 Wednesday Night Clinic

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April 5
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Our ever-popular Wednesday Night Running Clinic is gearing up for another session. Whether you are train for your next race, looking to improve your fitness, or just looking for a reason to begin running, we have a group for you. So, sign up today and start your SPRING off on the right foot!!

Wednesday nights at 6:30, Coach Tony Tomsich will lead the group through various workouts. Each session will have a unique focus as we cycle through workouts that key on specific elements to make you a stronger runner. With 7 different pace groups from “somewhat beginner” to “slightly fast” we will tailor the workout to the appropriate level. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, learn about different training elements, work together in collective group, and take a home a few fun stories. Our clinic will make you sweat, make you laugh, and make you feel accomplished. At the end of the day you will be glad you came and ran with us.

Forerunners welcomes you to join the crew and become part of something more as you will learn about the sport and make lasting memories.

Price: $60

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What Can I Do To Prepare?

To ensure that you get the most out of your experience in the clinic, come with a positive frame of mind and an eagerness to learn about the many benefits of running. Also, coming willing to share your own goals, stories, and knowledge, as each member will enhance the overall clinic’s experience.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect to have a great run, and have a great time. We will guide you over 13 weeks to make you a stronger, better runner. A program for “homework” will be given out. We will also have a souvenir item & weekly newsletter.


  • Where will the runs take place?

    All the runs will begin at Forerunners on West 4th Avenue at 6:30 sharp.

  • How much running should I be doing to be eligible?

    We recommend that you are able run an easy 30 minutes as a prerequisite.

  • Are the runs weather dependent?

    No. Rain or shine, we're going to run. So will you.

Anthony Tomsich

Coach Tomsich joined the staff at Forerunners in the Fall of 2016. He quickly become involved with the clinics; leading groups, sharing his wealth of knowledge, and exhibiting his enthusiasm for the sport with everyone.

Previously an assistant coach at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Tomsich worked with high level collegiate student athletes from all over the world, guiding them to multiple NCAA DII National championships, NCAA All-America honors, and a great many individual and team conference titles. In 2014, Tomsich was recognized by the U.S. Track & Field Cross Country Coaches Association as the West Region’s Men’s Indoor Track and Field Assistant Coach of the Year.

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Tomsich, was a student athlete at Western Washington University. There he competed in cross country and track and field earning NCAA All-American honors twice and leading a cross country team to an NCAA DII 4th place finish. Since college he has continued to embrace the lifestyle of a runner and enjoys taking part in a variety of events including road races, long trail runs, and track competitions. In the past fall Tomsich, trained for and completed his first of many marathons to come, running 2:26:10 at the California International Marathon.

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