As a runner, the main reason to cross train is to improve your fitness
without the injury risk of increasing weekly running mileage. Our
training program includes running three times per week but you may
want to train a little more. You can use the traditional forms of
cross training to add aerobic fitness which include: swimming,
cycling, elliptical workouts, or pool running. Recently carbon plated
shoes for racing have entered the market. The new kind of shoes are
considered to be another form of running shoe but are they more than

Going back to why runners cross train; it is to improve fitness
without the risk of injury. Carbon shoes do some of the running work
for you and improve your running technique. The carbon plate reduces
the impact of running on the road. I have trained with carbon plated
shoes for half a year now and I can say that there is definitely a
reduction in pre-injury pain. Training in carbon plated shoes allows
you to run more with fewer aches and pains.

I never thought of carbon plated shoes for training until fellow
master runners explained to me their experiences training in them. In
fact they were racing much faster virtual half and full marathons
because they were able to train more and train more pain free. Running
technique improved because there is more focus on mid foot strike to
yield the maximum benefit of the carbon plate.

The benefits of training in carbon plated shoes are:

1) Easier to run fast solo speed workouts -There are benefits to
running in groups during speed workouts.

2) Long runs and easy aerobic runs – Recover faster as there is more
protection from impact on the road allowing you to run more weekly
mileage3) Bad weather – It’s easier to motivate yourself to run in rain when
you know your shoes will help you out.

3) Rainy weather – It’s easier to motivate yourself to run in rain

Carbon plated shoe running is a different form of running. I would
consider it cross-training. The primary purpose for runners in cross
training is to improve aerobic fitness without injury. With carbon
plated shoes you can train more. When compared to other forms of cross
training rowing machine, stair machine, spinning etc. carbon plated
shoe running is more event specific running and will yield a greater

You want to plan your cross training to improve or maintain your
fitness. If you run exactly the same volume and pace as when you ran
in regular shoes then you may not yield any benefit. Why? Carbon
plated shoes do some of the work for you. Staying exactly with the
same volume of running could result in no improvement. You should be
able to train twenty percent more with carbon plated shoes and then
you will see an improvement. (That is why you cross train anyway. To
add more volume without the risk of injury).

I would also recommend that you run at least once per week in regular
shoes to maintain foot strength. The carbon shoe is assisting some of
the toe off for you and over time resulting in a weaker foot. A mix of
carbon plated shoe running and non carbon plated shoe running should
yield the best results. I recommend long runs and easy aerobic runs in
carbon shoes and tempo and speedwork primarily in regular shoes to
maintain foot strength. Once in a while run a speed workout or tempo
workout in your carbon shoes to enjoy the experience of running

Carbon plated shoes are the new cross training. Calorie per hour they
will improve your running time more efficiently than any other cross
training. In fact they are more time efficient as you don’t need to go
to a gym or pool. Just step out the door and run.