September 14, 2020 9:00 am

Boston, MA




Held annually on Patriots Day in historic Boston, Massachusetts, The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and considered by many to be the pinnacle of marathoning.  Runners must qualify to participate.  Many wait for years for their chance to run what is considered to be the most prestigious marathon in the world.  The Boston Marathon features elite runners from around the world that treat Boston like the “world championship” of the marathon.  This race is managed by the Boston Athletic Association and sponsored by John Hancock Financial Services.

This race is special to Forerunners as team member Art Boileau placed second at this prestigious event in 1986.

From former Forerunners Ambassador, Rob Watson re: the Boston Marathon: “Probably the most iconic race in the world. The race lives up to the hype. Best crowds I have experienced-the streets were lined with very loud, very enthusiastic supporters the whole way. The course is challenging, but manageable with proper training and a good race plan.
If you have achieved that much sought after BQ then you have to do this race.”


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