You’ve take your first step by deciding to race the Fall Classic. Its, time to think about how you will be getting ready to race. The days will go by quickly and you will want to keep on pace for the start line.

1. Establish a goal
The first step you need to take is to decide what you want to achieve. It may be finishing your first race or running a personal best time. The goals of Forerunners Clinics are to: 1) get you to the start line healthy and ready to run; 2) get you to the finish line by training a sufficient amount to be able to complete the distance; and 3) meet your goal time as you way want to reach a certain level of fitness. These three goals can be in conflict with each other which is why you need to run a balanced program with a sufficient weekly running volume‎ to reach higher fitness without getting injured.
2. Enter the race early
Enter the race early to keep you focused on your goal. If you have entered the race you have made a commitment to an event. You are ready to move forward on your plan.
3. Proper foot wear
Ensure you have proper footwear fitted by a well trained shoe specialist. It’s better if the sales team has running experience to help guide you into the correct shoe category that matches your foot type, and shoe that meets your athletic requirements. You can customize your shoe to your foot through supportive insoles.
4. Use a running schedule
Find a running schedule that is prepared by an experienced running coach. A training schedule is a good starting point and may be enough to meet your needs. Ask the coach about the paces that to suit your needs and you may need some feedback on making a few small modification. If you have a balanced schedule with the three components: speed; tempo and long run, that will go far to help you reach you goal. Don’t worry if you miss a few of the workouts‎ once you have a good fitness base you will not lose much fitness if you miss a day.
5. Run with a group‎
Running with others helps your stay on target for your goal. when you run with others speed-work is easier and faster; tempo runs are paced closer to your target times; and, long runs go by sooner. If you are committed to a running clinic it ‎helps you stay motivated.
6. Have a way to measure your progress.

Record your workouts in a training diary. You can simply write them on a piece of paper or log book. There are many good running apps that work with smart phones and they will record your workouts. You can use the GPS function as well to measure speed and distance. Running watches are easier to use when monitoring and recording your pace. The watches sync with runners social media platforms such as Strava.‎ Strava also keeps a running diary which your followers can review and support you progress.

Good luck in the weeks ahead as you prepare for the Fall Classic!

‎Watch for more tips on the Forerunners Main Street website blog.