It is funny how sometimes life repeats itself. A year ago I found myself in this same position. I was training for a fall marathon and as September rolled around I found myself injured. So what happened ? I was deep in my training for the TCSNYC marathon when I started to have a bit of IT band pain. It wasn’t bad, it was definitely runnable and it wasn’t consistent. We were away on a family holiday when it started. I was running some pretty hilly routes where we were staying and all on concrete. Normally I mix up the terrain I run on, incorporating flat runs on both trails and concrete as well as hilly runs on both as well. We were gone for a week and I noticed some tightness in my right leg on two of the runs. When I got back I went straight for physio and had some needles to help release my leg. The next day I woke up feeling a bit like I was getting sick so decided to be smart, listen to my body, and take a couple of days off to get back on track. Two days later I headed out for a run and my right leg had no power. I limped around and recognized this was becoming a serious issue.

The last three weeks have been a combination of cross training and treatment. A desperate attempt to maintain fitness so I can race. I have spent many hours in the pool, on the elliptical and spinning on the bike and yet my leg is still not well enough to run on. The emotional challenge of not knowing when or if I will be able to run NY started to take it’s toll. Yesterday, I met with a sports med doctor. She believes I have a bad case of ITB. It came on suddenly and may require weeks to heal. I recognize that with NY only 6 weeks away I am not going to be ready. It is extremely disappointing to let go of this dream but it is the right thing to do. I was offered a cortisone shot to perhaps allow me to run again, but I wasn’t going to NY to just run, I was going to compete, so I am going to take the time the injury needs to heal so that I can come back stronger. I have been here before and know it takes a lot of work to get back, but I am still excited about running and can’t wait to get back out there.

A wise friend reminded me that this past year has been an extremely emotional one for me. Losing my mom, as well as some very challenging family times have left me emotionally spent. She reminded me that not only do I need to heal physically, but emotionally as well. Perhaps this time off will be the time I need to heal myself fully. I won’t be escaping the emotions by pushing my body to it’s limits, I will need to feel them, acknowledge them, experience them! I hope this will lead me to be a stronger person in all aspects of my life.

I am continuing to pursue this journey in the elite running world, and although I won’t be in New York this year I will be cheering extremely loudly back in here in Vancouver.

Thanks as always to Oiselle, Forerunners, New Balance Canada, Zensah, Nuun and RunGo app for their support!


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