As runners looking to improve our times and qualify for key events, we are more focused on our workouts without realizing all the good we are doing for our health. Runners do get injured from time to time but how does that compare to the non-exercising population? Over past few decades’ runners have been studied to find out if all the miles of running are healthy. Turns out yes.
Here are some of the health benefits of running:
  1. Improved cardio vascular
  2. Reduced risk of diabetes
  3. Reduced rate of cancer
  4. Improved cognitive function
  5. Reduced rate of dementia
  6. Maintain healthy body weight
  7. Higher bone density because running is a weight bearing exercise
  8. Better joint health (knees are better than the general population)
  9. Stronger muscles
  10. Lower blood pressure
  11. Better sleep
  12. Reduces stress
  13. Boost immune system
  14. Raise good cholesterol
  15. Increase lung function
  16. Live 4 years longer on average

With the new clinic starting this week its always a good idea to sit back and think about the reasons why you run. The health benefits are so strong that there is no doubt you should keep on running!

Best Regards,

Coach Carey
Forerunners Main Street