Carbon plated shoes have taken the running world by storm. We have seen dramatic improvements in race times across the board from beginners to Olympic qualifiers. Average race times were getting faster at Marathons with each passing month. Now that races have been postponed the excitement around carbon plated shoes has not diminished as many runners have their shoes waiting in their  closet for their next opportunity.

The Nike Zoomx Next % has led the charge in bringing carbon plated shoes to the market. A very fast shoe with a 200km racing range before losing their carbon assisted speed. Thousands of runners enjoyed personal best times racing in them but did not want to train in them due to the limited durability.

There are more durable options. Hoka released the Carbon X which proved itself when it was used to break the 50 mile world record. New Balance has recently brought the FuelCellTC to the market. Both are excellent training options as they are more durable. They are heavier and may not be as fast but they provide extra durability and spring in your step during workouts. some runners will use them for racing as well.

Another carbon plated racing shoe soon to be available is the Saucony Endorphin Pro. The Endorphin Pro is lighter and more of a racing shoe like the Next %. it has proven itself in competition during an early release to sponsored athletes. The price point is better and is a good racing option compared to the Next %.

Carbon Plated shoes are a nice training option whether you are using a racing version or a light-weight training version. The carbon plate improves cushioning and propels you forward and there are several benefits:

1) You recover faster due to the improved cushioning of the carbon plate;
2) You experience reduced muscle fatigue after a long run;
3) You feel better running faster workouts;
4) You have experience running at a faster pace which prepares you mentally to do the same on race day;
5) Reduced injury with less impact felt from running on the road, and;
6) Possibly reduced pain from chronic injures to the knees, hips and ankles.

Running dynamics are changed while training in carbon plated shoes. This changes the way you land in the shoe and that will result in a reduced risk of injury. Also the carbon plate is like a spring and by landing in the shoe’s sweet spot you will run faster. concentrating on your running form is essential to achieve the most benefit.