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Oats of Steel

Todd Jangula / September 6, 2017

by Carolyn Berry, BSc., RD Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant @berrynourished You’re likely to find an oatmeal recipe in nearly every running article, running website or running cookbook you come across. Why? It’s a whole, unprocessed food that’s easy to prepare, simple to digest, and leaves you feeling full. This makes it a great pre- or post-run option. Oats are a whole grain. Whole grains are high in fibre and provide B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants. Eating plenty of whole grains can help to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, diabetes, cancer and […]

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Massage and your training by Sean Ford Cannon, RMT

Todd Jangula / August 28, 2017

Whenever I meet someone for the first time and the conversation gets to our occupations, there is usually one of two or three things that occurs: (a) eyes light up as questions about massage bubble to the surface; (b) that nagging shoulder spot seems to work itself into the conversation; and (c), the current room may or may not be assessed to see if there are any massage tables handy. I cannot speak for all RMTs, but I personally take pride in being an ambassador for therapists that work with clients towards an athletic goal. While I find it difficult […]

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Yoga at Forerunners Main Street

Todd Jangula / August 19, 2017

Drop in yoga classes are on going at Forerunners Main Street. “Yoga For Runners” with Robin Willis Tuesday mornings at 7:30 am Wednesday evenings at 7:45 Drop in fee: $10 Yoga with Tamara: Hatha Yoga on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 am Yin Yoga on Friday mornings at 7:30 am Hatha: a sequence of physical exercises (asanas/poses) designed to align the muscles/bones of the body helps to develop balance of strength and flexibility in the body eases connection of the mind and body, with the present of breath Yin: a sequence of floor-based excercises (asanas/poses) passivelyt held for up to 5 […]

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The Long Easy Run

Carey Nelson / August 16, 2017

Our training program includes three types of running, speedwork, tempo runs and the long easy run. The easy/longer distance runs correspond to the running just below or at the aerobic threshold which is also the same as the heart rate training zone of 65% to 75% of maximum heart rate. When you improve your aerobic threshold you will run a faster marathon and half marathon. Our clinic longer runs for the half marathon group is 10km to 19km, while the distance for the marathoners is 15km to 36km. The distance of the long runs is gradually increased to allow you […]

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Robin Willis / July 25, 2017

Why it is Important? The average runner strikes the ground 1000 times per mile, 50-70 times a minute per foot with 2-4 times their body weight. The impact is received by one leg at a time, reverberating upward through the entire body. Running is a repetitive sport wherein the same muscles repeatedly coordinate is a series of contractions and extensions to propel the body forward on the sagittal plane. When muscles contract repeatedly, musculoskeletel tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia) shorten and remain in a shortened state. Overtime this impacts the structure of the tissue, creating imbalances that can reduce […]

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Starting out: Get ready for a race

Carey Nelson / July 5, 2017

You’ve take your first step by deciding to race the Fall Classic. Its, time to think about how you will be getting ready to race. The days will go by quickly and you will want to keep on pace for the start line. 1. Establish a goal The first step you need to take is to decide what you want to achieve. It may be finishing your first race or running a personal best time. The goals of Forerunners Clinics are to: 1) get you to the start line healthy and ready to run; 2) get you to the finish […]

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Where there’s a will……

Dan Cumming / July 1, 2017

This post began last year when friend and fellow Forerunners group leader, Walter Downey ran the Berlin Marathon and we discussed a post on his experience. Walter ran with a group of friends and celebrated his FOURTH Marathon Majors event (New York, Chicago, Boston and Berlin), which was also a part of the story. Well, as things go these days, and even though we got off to a decent start, the project got side-tracked. As it turns out, that was a good thing because I think this post is going to be even better. While Berlin was a fabulous experience, […]

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Forerunners Main Street Ladies Night

Todd Jangula / June 27, 2017

Please join us Tuesday July 18th at 7:00 pm for our Brooks/Moving Comfort bra fitting evening. You’ll be welcomed at the door by local firefighter calendar men. Your night will include: wine and cheese bra fashion show personalized bra fitting Entry to this event is $15 (payable by clicking the sign up link below). All entry fees will be donated to the Vancouver Firefighters Burn Fund. Please RSVP before July 11th. We hope to see you there. CLICK HERE FOR SIGN UP PAGE #yourrunstartshere

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The Forerunners Main Street 7 Summits of Vancouver Urban Challenge

Todd Jangula / June 3, 2017

The Forerunners Main Street 7 Summits of Vancouver Urban Challenge route includes seven peaks in the City of Vancouver that the participants must climb during the run. The total distance is 47 km (there is no official measurement of the course). The Challenge starts and finishes at Forerunners Main Street located at 3889 Main Street (and 23rd). The participants must run or walk the challenge course. This is not a race. Completion of the challenge entitles participants to receive a t-shirt and entry for a draw prize for New Balance running shoes, a Salomon Vest, Stance running socks, and Ciele running […]

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Food and Recovery

Kristina Bangma / May 29, 2017

By Forerunners Main Street Ambassador, Krisina Bangma If you are running, you can eat what ever you want – right? not so much…. As endurance athletes we often think that we are burning so many calories that we can eat whatever we want and as much as we want. When in truth, athletes need to be even more careful with their diet as they are using food as fuel. Everything you put into your mouth should contain properties that will boost your performance and/or speed up your recovery. Even though it might be fun, endurance exercise is a […]

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Introduction of Forerunners Main Street Ambassadors

Todd Jangula / May 27, 2017

Introducing our newest Forerunners/New Balance brand ambassadors, Kristina Bangma and Facundo Chernikoff. Kristina Bangma My career in the fitness and wellness industry began in 1998 as a Registered Massage Therapist, living in Whistler BC. After four years instead of helping people recover from the same injuries, I wanted to teach them how they could play and train without getting injured in the first place. In 2003, I moved to Vancouver and started Get Fit with Kris Personal Training which is now known as Kits Energy Training Inc. Over the last 15 years I have competed in Trail Running, Triathlon, Ironman, Road […]

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Pancake Run

Todd Jangula / May 23, 2017

Come help us celebrate the Grand Opening of Forerunners Main Street with a 5 km and 2.5 km Pancake Social Run around Queen Elizabeth Park on Sunday May 28th at 9:30 am. Free pancakes will be served after the run! It’s fun for everyone. After, our friends from Brooks will be on hand to show off their pancake making abilities and hand out some special offers.

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Forerunners Main Street Grand Opening Events

Todd Jangula / May 21, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce our Grand Opening for Forerunners Main Street. Please join us for our upcoming events to celebrate: Sunday May 21, 2017 Boston Marathon Documentary Run and Movie Showing. Come out on May 21st for a morning of fun. Meet at 9:30am for a 10k run from Forerunners Main Street, coffee break at Artigiano, and a showing of the Boston Marathon Documentary at the Park Theater 12:55pm. Monday May 22, 2017 Tempo workout and dinner at Portland Craft Brewery. Wednesday May 24, 2017 10km Tuesday workout changed one day Thursday May 25th, 2017 Our friends from On Running […]

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Dan Cumming / May 16, 2017

Per the previous posting on Running in the Zone, I am about to head up a new Learn to Run 5K clinic at Forerunners (on Main). I’ve written the guide book/runner log and tentatively figured out suitable routes. I’ve even had experience at teaching people to run. Some we were teaching to run faster. I’ve been a pace group leader for Forerunners Marathon and Half Marathon clinics and often have people who are already runners but trying out a new distance, so beginners in that sense. I’ve been doing some thinking on this and just like when you buy a […]

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Forerunners Main Street Clinics Until July

Todd Jangula / May 15, 2017

  Forerunners Main Street 3889 Main Street, Vancouver, BC |Grand Opening 5km & 2.5km Social Run Phone (604) 559 – 3889 |Sunday May 28th, 9:30 am Intstagram: Forerunners_Main_St #yourunstartshere |Everyone welcome Strava: Forerunners Main Street |Pancakes, juice and coffee post run Email: Website: |Walk, Jog, Run to Queen Elizabeth Park Running Clinics for Spring 2017 Learn to Run 5KM – Clinic Coach Dan Cummings, co editor of “Running In the Zone”, former Race Director First Half Half Marathon, Half and Full Marathon Runner Wednesday 6:30pm and Saturday 8:30am – #YourRunStartsHere – Social 5km First workout – Saturday May […]

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What to Eat Pre-Run

Carey Nelson / May 1, 2017

By Carolyn Berry, BSc., RD Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant @berrynourished Eating before you exercise can help you to run longer, with more intensity and with more ease. What foods you choose and how much you eat before you run depends on when, how long, and how intense your run or event will be. With time and practice, you can find what works best for you. Remember that no two people are the same, so listen to your body. Follow these tips to help you eat and drink your way to a satisfying performance: Appropriately time your pre-run meal/snack:Eat […]

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Smiling Into the Wind

Dayna Pidhoresky / April 5, 2017

So that went better than expected. Here is my recap of Around the Bay 30K. In my experience it’s one of the most challenging courses I’ve ever run. It leaves me feeling petrified of the marathon distance but this year I left Hamilton confident and excited to give the marathon another go in Ottawa at the end of May. I have a lot more work to do but this race proved that I’m on the right track. Below I break it down by 5K segments — have a read if you want to see how the race progressed. 0-5K in […]

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Forerunners Main Street Social Run

Todd Jangula / April 4, 2017

Please join us on Saturday April 15th at 8:00 am for our inaugural social run at our brand new Main Street location (3889 Main Street, Vancouver, BC). We are planning a 36 km and 19 km Social Run to prepare runners for the Vancouver Half and Full Marathon. The date is key as it is 22 days before the marathon when most runners will have their longest run before race weekend. Saucony will be on hand with us to help out with water stations, etc. We will offer runners a pre-mapped course, run leaders and water-stops on the course. The […]

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Forerunners Social Run for Vancouver Half and Full Marathon

Todd Jangula / April 1, 2017

Please join us on Saturday April 15th at 8:00 am for our inaugural social run at our brand new Main Street location (3889 Main Street, Vancouver, BC). We are planning a 36 km and 19 km Social Run to prepare runners for the Vancouver Half and Full Marathon. The date is key as it is 22 days before the marathon when most runners will have their longest run before race weekend. Saucony will be on hand with us to help out with water stations, etc. We will offer runners a pre-mapped course, run leaders and water-stops on the course. The […]

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Out of the gates running

Dayna Pidhoresky / March 24, 2017

The spring racing season has officially commenced! I’m pleased with my first race at St. Patrick’s Day 5K, and it feels even better to start things off with a win. I tend to feel a bit trepidatious when it comes to the shorter races but this one was a good indicator that training is moving along nicely. Race morning greeted us with rain-free skies — a refreshing change to past years. I practiced the breakfast I will be using for Around the Bay 30K (this weekend) and went through all my usual long-race preparations — essentially using it as a […]

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Join our Team!

Todd Jangula / March 14, 2017

Forerunners is looking to add to our team and that person could be you! Are you: energetic? passionate about having a positive influence on people’s lives? available on weekends? dedicated to outstanding customer service? enthusiastic about supporting your community? a good multi tasker? excited about working in a fast paced environment? You might be who we’re looking for! With the exciting new addition of our location on Main Street, we are looking for high quality candidates to serve the running community in Vancouver.  If you think you have what we’re looking for, send contact info and resume to We look […]

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Training update and life lately

Dayna Pidhoresky / March 8, 2017

My last post outlined my October marathon debut which was a fantastic learning experience but left me broken and unable to walk for days. So after taking seven weeks off for a sacral stress fracture I very slowly started back. This was certainly the most cautious build back to running of my life but I knew it was important to keep everything else happy (in the past, debilitating shin splints have been my nemesis). I continued with cross-training to supplement my low mileage and kept up with my weight routine to increase strength. Over the course of December and January […]

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Spring races & Nutrition tweaks

Catherine Watkins / February 28, 2017

I am back to full training and it feels so good and so tiring at the same time. I am running 3 workouts a week, with one of those workouts included in my long run, while keeping my milage relatively low at around 70 miles per week. I am finding that the half/marathon pace workouts are starting to come back, but my speed still needs a lot of work. I know it will come so I am just plugging away and enjoying the process. Apart from a bout with the stomach flu and a tough emotional week I have managed […]

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Join the Pacific Spirit Tri Club

Todd Jangula / January 14, 2017

  Established in 1996, the Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club is Vancouver’s longest-standing triathlon club. They have over 100 members with a wide range of experience levels, so there is room for everyone from beginners to veterans! The club members share the same enthusiasm during their workouts as they do in their social events throughout the year- it’s a great way to become a part of the Vancouver triathlon community.   Trained coaches and volunteers run the club’s practices all year round (rain or shine!). You can run, bike, and swim on a timeline that works best with your own schedule. […]

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How much racing is too much?

Dylan Wykes / December 29, 2016

⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2017 is just around the corner and that has many of us setting new goals and picking races to conquer in the new year. There are so many awesome races out there that it’s hard not to want to do a race every single weekend. So where do you draw the line?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There is no straight answer. We always tell our athletes that races have to be prioritized, usually ranked A, B and C; A is the ultimate goal race, B deems an important race, but not as significant as the A race; and C sits pretty low […]

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Dan Cumming / December 27, 2016

Well, I’m trying to ‘bask’ but it is a bit hard with the current weather in Vancouver. Upon returning from a few days in Montego Bay, after the race time in Negril, I discovered that winter had come to Vancouver. While cogitating on this factoid, I got thinking about the contrast. When we left MoBay it was 82°F. That was Thursday afternoon around 3:30pm. Saturday morning, maybe 36 hours later, I led a small but brave pace group at the Forerunners marathon and half marathon clinic. The temperature was 32°F. You can do the math, just as I did. That […]

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When to Hit the Treadmill

Dylan Wykes / December 15, 2016

WHEN TO HIT THE DREADMILL Mother Nature threw a hissy-fit and hit the greater Vancouver area pretty hard last week. Those of you that are east of the rockies are laughing right now, but, it snowed, it was cold and our west coast butts were freezing. Dylan even broke out his Mizuno sleeping bag coat for practice on Tuesday night! WHEN We are often asked when is it too cold to run outside. There isn’t really a temperature that we set the limits at. You aren’t going to do damage to your lungs by breathing in the air at temps […]

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The big STWM recap

Dayna Pidhoresky / December 14, 2016

It has been almost seven weeks since the marathon. I have finally gathered my thoughts and I will tell you about the good, the bad, and the ugly! As discussed in my last post, prior to the race, I was feeling ready and workouts had gone splendidly. I flew to Windsor eight days out from the race so I could adjust fully to the time change and relax at home. I set my alarm to wake up at 5:30AM every morning to prepare myself for the early morning as well as I could. As usual, the intense marathon taper really […]

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