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Vancouver – Main St

(604) 559-3889
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3889 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5V 3P1
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Our Team

Get to know the talented athletes, coaches, staff and ambassadors that keep our community and stores running.

Todd Jangula

Todd has been a member of the Forerunners Team since 1997 and currently co-owner of Forerunners Main Street.

Carey Nelson

Current head coach of Forerunners Main Street running clinics. Enjoys helping runners of all levels reach their goal whether first marathon or achieving a personal best. Coach of more than 1000 runners for half and full marathons through Forerunners running clinics. Coach of more than 100 Boston Marathon qualifiers through Forerunners running clinics. A 2:12 Marathoner and competitor in the 1996 Olympic Marathon. Best time in the half marathon 1:03 and 10,000m 28:04.

  • 2 time Canadian Olympian
  • 1988 (5000 meters),1996 (Marathon)
  • Inducted into the Saskatchewan Hall of Fame (2011)

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