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Our Team

Get to know the talented athletes, coaches, staff and ambassadors that keep our community and stores running.

Ken Greenaway

Ken was a long time clinic leader at Forerunners West 4th Avenue. An avid trail runner and ultra-marathoner, Ken developed a passion for running and all things related. His background was primarily in IT and technology – that is until he realized running was his true love. He now owns and operates the North Van Forerunners location.

Jerry Ziak

Jerry Ziak has been a competitive middle and long-distance runner since 1986. His passion for the sport began at the young age of 10 when he began competing on the track and over cross country in distances ranging from 800 meters to 5 km. Since then he has explored every distance up to the marathon at the national and international level and continues to compete as a masters (over 40) runner in cross country and on the road. He is an owner of Forerunners North Shore and enjoys coaching runners of all abilities. His particular passion is the discovery and practice of training techniques and daily behaviours that allow us to continue moving youthfully as we age.

Mary Linton

Mary has been a part of the Forerunners family for 9 years now. She currently is the manager of Forerunners North Shore. Read more of Mary’s story here.

Art Boileau

Arthur is a pillar of the Vancouver running community. His enthusiasm is infectious. His smile is memorable. A two time Olympian, Art represented his country in Los Angeles in 1984 and again in Seoul in 1988. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Ask him anything running – even trivia – and Art will have an answer for you!


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