Peter Butler

A member of the 1980 Olympic Team, Peter has an extensive resume when it comes to running. He was a Canadian national champion in the outdoor 5,000 metres and 10,000 metres, and still holds the 5th fastest marathon time by a Canadian. These days, Peter is still running strong – you can still still find him in the store on West 4th.

Karen Butler

Karen is an accomplished runner and a born-and-raised Vancouverite (which means she obviously doesn’t think twice about running in the rain). She used to run for Simon Fraser University, and holds a 3 hour marathon time. Still an avid runner today, Karen keeps her passion for the sport alive. She is a cornerstone of the Forerunners community.

Todd Jangula

Todd has been a member of the Forerunners Team since 1997 and currently serves as General Manager overseeing West 4th Avenue and the new Main Street location.

Ken Greenaway

Ken was a long time clinic leader at Forerunners West 4th Avenue. An avid trail runner and ultra-marathoner, Ken developed a passion for running and all things related. His background was primarily in IT and technology – that is until he realized running was his true love. He now owns and operates the North Van Forerunners location.

Jerry Ziak

A longtime competitive athlete, Jerry has leveraged his passion for running to become a fantastic coach. He leads both the Wednesday night and Saturday morning Clinics in North Vancouver, as well as doing personal one-on-one coaching. He also has an impressive 20 years experience fitting running shoes – no small feat in itself!

Carey Nelson

Hailing from Saskatoon, Coach Carey Nelson has made a name for himself as one of Canada’s most distinguished long distance runners. He is a two-time Olympian, and has also competed in the Pan-Am Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the World Track and Field Championships. Carey Leads both our Wednesday night and Saturday morning clinics.  He will help you reach your goals.  Visit him at Forerunners Main Street for Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Saturday morning clinics. Find out about personal coaching by Coach Carey.

Art Boileau

Arthur is a pillar of the Vancouver running community. His enthusiasm is infectious. His smile is memorable. A two time Olympian, Art represented his country in Los Angeles in 1984 and again in Seoul in 1988. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Ask him anything running – even trivia – and Art will have an answer for you!

Anthony Tomsich

Coach Tomsich joined the staff at Forerunners in the Fall of 2016. He quickly become involved with the clinics; leading groups, sharing his wealth of knowledge, and exhibiting his enthusiasm for the sport with everyone.

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Previously an assistant coach at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Tomsich worked with high level collegiate student athletes from all over the world, guiding them to multiple NCAA DII National championships, NCAA All-America honors, and a great many individual and team conference titles. In 2014, Tomsich was recognized by the U.S. Track & Field Cross Country Coaches Association as the West Region’s Men’s Indoor Track and Field Assistant Coach of the Year.

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, Tomsich, was a student athlete at Western Washington University. There he competed in cross country and track and field earning NCAA All-American honors twice and leading a cross country team to an NCAA DII 4th place finish. Since college he has continued to embrace the lifestyle of a runner and enjoys taking part in a variety of events including road races, long trail runs, and track competitions. In the past fall Tomsich, trained for and completed his first of many marathons to come, running 2:26:10 at the California International Marathon.

Dayna Pidhoresky

Dayna is a long-distance road runner for New Balance Canada with a 1:11:45 personal best in the half marathon. She is making the transition to the marathon in pursuit of a 2020 Tokyo spot. Dayna can be found working in our West 4th location or out on the local trails and roads putting her work in.

Catherine Watkins

Catherine Watkins only realized that she had the potential to compete at the 2015 Pan Am Games in the fall of 2014 when coach Richard Lee told her he thought she could do it. The mother of two was named to the team after an outstanding start to the season, having won the Eugene Marathon and the Masters Houston Marathon. In 2014 she finished second in the Masters division of the Canadian 10km Championships while placing 10th overall. She was the 2014 Canadian Masters 5km Champion.

Dan Cumming

Learn to Run 5KM – Clinic Coach Dan Cummings, co editor of “Running In the Zone”, former Race Director First Half Half Marathon, Half and Full Marathon Runner. Dan is passionate about 2 things: people and running.  His enthusiasm and positive outlook are infectious to those around him.

Robin Willis

Robin is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and a proud member of Yoga Alliance with additional certifications in Yoga Made for Runners and YHot Yoga. She is a lifelong runner, CanFit certified group fitness instructor and RRCA certified running coach. She is also a holistic nutritionist. Find out more about her at .

Mary Linton

Mary has been a part of the Forerunners family for 9 years now.  She currently is the manager of Forerunners North Shore. Read more of Mary’s story here.

Kristina Bangma

My career in the fitness and wellness industry began in 1998 as a Registered Massage Therapist, living in Whistler BC. After four years instead of helping people recover from the same injuries, I wanted to teach them how they could play and train without getting injured in the first place. In 2003, I moved to Vancouver and started Get Fit with Kris Personal Training which is now known as Kits Energy Training Inc.

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Over the last 15 years I have competed in Trail Running, Triathlon, Ironman, Road Running, Mountain Biking and Road Cycling. Although I loved the excitement of competition and the dedication required for training, I realized that fitness isn’t just about winning races. It is a lifelong endeavour that is constantly changing and developing as we discover new information on how our bodies work and change over the years.

Facundo Chernikoff

As a Mechanical Engineer, understanding aerodynamics, energy, power, properties of materials, strength and moving systems is my specialty. The human body is no different from any other system. Your heart behaves like a pump, your tendons act like springs and your body generates and dissipates heat. For optimal performance it is necessary to keep all systems running smoothly. Just like any machine, if the stress on any one component is too high the whole system will fail.

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After several years of racing competitively, I retired from triathlon and engineering to move on to my next two careers – Firefighting and Coaching. In March 2013 I was hired by Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services, founded Peak Power Coaching, and began coaching with Kits Energy Training, training advanced cyclists for long distance events.

Over the last 5 years, I have worked online with all levels of athletes, helping them achieve their goals in running and cycling events. The running events have ranged from 10k’s to full marathons, while cycling events have ranged from 90k fondos to the Iditarod, a race across Alaska on a fat bike.

As an athlete and as a coach, I enjoy going through the process of training just as much as I enjoy watching the end results. Every day an athlete will have both small victories that we must celebrate and defeats that we must learn from. Both of these are equally important in order to improve. As an online coach I design customized training programs. I keep my athletes accountable and on track by reviewing and providing feedback to every workout they do.