Goal Setting 2021

Happy New Year! 2020 was an unusual year and a year of patience as COVID turned everything upside down. Adjusting training plans and fitness maintenance were the goals of the year. In early 2020 most of us had expected to be racing in November and December 2020. 2021 looks like a better year as vaccines […]

Is Running With Carbon Plated Shoes A New Form of Cross Training?

As a runner, the main reason to cross train is to improve your fitnesswithout the injury risk of increasing weekly running mileage. Ourtraining program includes running three times per week but you maywant to train a little more. You can use the traditional forms ofcross training to add aerobic fitness which include: swimming,cycling, elliptical workouts, […]

Forerunners Running Clinic Information & Training

The Forerunners Vancouver Virtual Running Clinic for Winter/Spring 2021 training schedule is designed for the Virtual First Half Marathon Feb 7, 2021 and Spring Half and Full Marathons. RUNNING CLINIC INFORMATION AND TRAINING VIRTUAL  HALF AND FULL CLINIC A) The Three Goals of the Clinic: 1) Get to the start line – be ready to race without […]

Beginners 10km Schedule

Want to keep running after completing your First 5km?Beginners 10km Schedule WEEK MONDAY WEDNESDAY SATURDAY 1 Run 5km Run 5km Run 6km 2 Run 5km Run 5km Run 6km 3 Run 5km Run 2km warm-up +10 times [30 sec. R FAST, 30 sec. W] + 1km warm-down Run 6km 4 Run 5km Run 2km warm-up +10 […]